Why Are Some People Left-handed? – Daniel M. Abrams

13 thoughts to “Why Are Some People Left-handed? – Daniel M. Abrams”

  1. I use both hands, although I’m primarily a leftie- I’ve seen other people in the comments like me, who use their left hand for writing and eating, but right for almost everything else, and I think it’s probably an adaptive thing. Because society is skewed towards righties, lefties are forced to become ambidextrous, in a way- which I would see as a big advantage,

  2. So apparently I was that 10% of getting left handed. My parents were right handed. The reason why I’m right handed now is because my father forced me to use my right hand

  3. I am Left though I eat right handedly cause I was forced to do. Even today I face many problems being a Left specially in India.

  4. *writes essay with left hand
    No, I’m just writing the essay with my wrong hand.

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