18 thoughts to “What Makes Muscles Grow? – Jeffrey Siegel”

  1. This video has an error perpetuates a dangerous misconception. Muscle damage is NOT necessary to spur muscle growth. Increased tension production is the main necessity. In recent years, tension sensitive proteins have been found which activate growth factors in skeletal muscle. Again, damage is not necessary to create the signal to grow.

    More damage is more likely to slow your recovery rather than make you stronger, and just make you sore. That soreness you experience, in some cases, can effect your strength for a over a month. Extreme lifting can even lead to rhabdomyolysis, a dangerous condition in which skeletal muscle proteins accumulate in the kidneys and can cause renal failure and even death.

    A small caveat, small amounts of damage (the key word is small) might independently spur some growth, but muscle remodeling will occur in response to increased use.

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  3. No scientific proof! A lot of non-scientific ex; you say something there, but you are on thin ice…

  4. Have so many people not gone to junior high that a video as vacuous as this one gets only 1% downvotes? Holy smokes, Batman. Surely not everybody that’s seen this video is older than 12.

  5. Like we don’t know how muscles grow! I thought it would gives us more important information

  6. Abi yuh be vücut gelistirmedeki en önemli bilgileri 4 dakika 20 saniyeye sığdırmışlar helal olsun…

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