The Benefits Of A Bilingual Brain – Mia Nacamulli

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  1. haha that’s true. When i became angry or upset with the people, i could shout or talk so rude in front of them in different languages, despite they do not know my language meaning exactly. So it could not broke the people’s heart. 😊😊😊😊

  2. Born in America, speaking English fluently and understanding Vietnamese and Cambodian semi-I think fluently , I also speak both of the languages I’m just not as advanced as my older sister which also learned Japanese -_- my mom always rubs in my other siblings face she’s so good at speaking our languages..

  3. so…technically Filipinos are bilingual considering we automatically speak 2 languages (English and Tagalog/Filipino) plus we speak native languages too.

    i speak english, Filipino, French, mandarin and 3 more native languages :)))

  4. I am 15 yrs old and i know Hindi, English, Marathi and Telugu… All active and passive … Fluently.
    I want to learn at least 22 languages in my life … Not sure will happen or not!😅😅

  5. I’m learning Russian apparently it’s super easy comapred to English but I am not a good English speaker

  6. Most Indians speak at least 2-3 languages. I myself speak four very different languages with different syntax and grammar.

  7. Never mind not reading the subtitles on the telly , what really frustrates me is all the bad translations . how do they get away with it ?

  8. I am English but would like to speak another language (ideally quite a few) but I’m not sure which one would be best to learn first… I would like to learn German, Spanish, French and Italian, but I don’t know which one would be better to learn first before I learn the others as I don’t know if one is easier for an English speaker to learn?
    While I would also love to be able to speak Greek and perhaps Arabic I feel like I would never be able to do it because it’s so difficult (who knows, maybe after I learn another language it might be a bit easier)
    But which language out of those would be easier for an English speaker to learn? I thought I should learn the easiest and then move on to the others.

  9. I speak three human languages, author in 12 different computer languages, and use higher maths in my work… my brain works.

  10. Is Hinglish a special case, or bilinguals all around the world are creating mixture of languages for their everyday life?
    (You can google Hinglish and find a Wikipedia article giving decent explanation, to have more idea of what I am talking about)

  11. Fourteen years old and still learning! Fluent in three languages (one is dead does that count lol) and learning five languages!

    Just some things you might have wanted to remember from your third grade class: parsing sentences. It helps a lot. Latin, French (?), possibly Spanish, Japanese and Korean have similar sentence structures so they’re easier to learn if you know one of them. English and Chinese are also similar. For vocabulary, English and Latin are closely related. Japanese, Chinese and Korean are super similar. Although not a lot, Latin, French, Spanish and Italian have similar vocabularies. I don’t know Italian but because I know the languages above I can tell what a sentence is about sometimes. Hope this helps and never give up!

  12. I speak urdu and Punjabi and I can write and read English but I don’t and sometimes cannot speak it probably because I have no one to speak English with. And my goal is to learn Arabic and Spanish!

  13. Hola me llammo Kristopher me gusta dibjar y bailar y soy artistico y Bueno

    Hello my name is Kristopher I like to draw and dance and I am artistic and good

  14. I speak English (the most),Kadazan(my native language),Malay(National language) ,Mandarin(I went to a Chinese School for about 9 years) and now I can speak a bit of Korean(currently still self teaching myself), the next language I’ll probably want to learn is Spanish😃..I once talked with with my cousin in a CD store and like usual we talked more than one language in one sentence😂 and the shop owner was amazed “Waa, you guys talk this much language everytime?”(in Chinese) and we just nodded and laugh😂

  15. My guess is there’s no one else who speaks Dhivehi here…
    Kalemenah neyngeyeydho aharemen mee ulhey bayeh kan!

  16. This is so interesting. This explains why it’s difficult to express frustration in a secondary language

  17. I speak cantonese and hokkien as my native language, Malay as national language in my country, mandarin and english as international language.

  18. I am 18 years old and i can speak and write in 5 different languages. Hindi,Bengali,English,Spanish and Sanskrit.

  19. My first languages are Swedish and Finnish but I also understand a little bit of Norwegian and Danish and also understand English fluently, although my speaking and writing are not that great. In addition to that I can order an ice cream in Italian and count to ten in Spanish and I’m only twelve.

  20. I speak Danish, English, Spanish and German. I never had any goals about learning a lot of languages. It’s just something that kinda happened to me lol.
    Now I’m learning Romanian because I’m dating a Romanian girl :p

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