Should You Trust Unanimous Decisions? – Derek Abbott

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  1. The problem can be understood by viewing the painting “this is not an apple”. Of course it (the painting) is not an apple!

    Our languages’ semantics often produce different conclusions by different minds. What is meant by words and pictures is often interpreted differently by each of us. This often allows unscrupulous attorneys to use indefinite pronouns to confuse the jurors. Our justice system does not generally check against this form of injustice.

  2. There’s also the fact that people tend to follow the group. Sometimes even as far as agreeing to something that is obviously wrong just because everybody else did it.
    Because if everybody else says something different, it makes you doubt your own judgement, and you’re more likely to just agree with the group.

  3. Those withnesses try to identify the bank rubber do theier job INDIVIDUALLY.
    And this changes everything.
    Also there is no paradox so the thumbnail is a clickbait.

  4. So if 100% of people call an orange an orange, that means I SHOULDN’T believe them?
    Is this even a paradox? Obviously if a color blind person says an orange is orange then it’s hard to trust them because they don’t know what the color orange is exactly. It would be pointless to have a survey say 100% of colorblind people believe an orange is orange. A better survey would use reliable sources and state the information unobstructed such as 100% of babies are born with cells in their bodies, states the Doctors Association of North America.

  5. Not to say this can’t happen but I feel like people most likely will be confident and correct in their memory of a crime with an accusation. The ‘glimpse’ they mention must be very fast.

  6. The Phantom Of Heilbronn is like my maths test, when you are doing all the questions easily and quickly, you know its only because your doing it completely wrong!

  7. So the example made no sense whatsoever. 10 people picking the same guy out of 6 suspects ? What’s so unbelievable about that?

  8. So like in highschool movies/episodes, if you rig the homecoming/election box with 100% ballots for one person it’s obvious it’s rigged, so you have to make it a close call so no one suspects cheating

  9. My brain is melted
    (Another Ted-ed vid pops up)
    *What does drive us crazy to melt our brains*
    ÷Pulls up a gun and shoots self÷

    This channel is AMAZING

  10. everytime i watch one of ted-ed’s videos, i feel slightly creeped out. i am unsure is it the music or the drawings, but something about the videos spook me…

  11. Bias towards shifty looking folk aside, wouldn’t the witnesses be asked separately to point out the suspect, cutting out the possibility for error due to people wanting to agree with the other witnesses, and they would solely have to rely on their own memory and judgement.

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