Questions No One Knows The Answers To (Full Version)

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  1. I think all intelligent life forms somehow find a way to either decay their planet to the point that it becomes uninhabitable or self destructs either through the use of weapons or viruses relative to their discoveries. This explains why we have never been able to see any of them in our own galaxy. We as Humans can surely see how our current state of operation in the world is unsustainable. Sure people will say ‘oh we will create technology that will create more energy’ but that hasn’t been going well at all in the last decades. Maybe intelligent life has never existed because true intelligence implies being able to create a world that is sustainable enough to survive for millions of years.

  2. If there was intelligent life before us they don’t exist because they did the same thing we did they built and progressed like we did and destroyed themselves like we did and all died before they technology could go any higher and that’s why it never will because of humans minds

  3. i have 2 answers(My Versions)
    1)1st answer is infinity because there is a continues cycle of universe expansion and comepressions …………………………………
    2)We cant see proof of alien life because may be
    I)We are too far from their galaxies (seeing how big is universe)
    II)Even we are closer to them ,They are in other Dimentions.

  4. These questions make me WANT to die because when I die I’ll either know everything or I will imagine a reality where all those questions are answered and believe it as fact or I will feel nothing and have an end to this misery of knowing I will never know…

  5. Isn’t it cruel that we are capitel of thinking about all these things (like a multiverse and aliens and the „end“ or „beginning“ of our universe), but we will never know the answers? Why are we capital of thinking about these things and develop a desire to know these things if we will never know the answer? (Sorry, about my bad english.)

  6. We like to call ourself “intelligent being”, but is it really so smart believing in aliens just because probability?
    The more we learn about space and the universe, the more we talk about aliens and intelligent life. Once upon a time it used to be all about science, now it’s all about aliens.

  7. You get the answers to these questions on mushrooms. Yet the moment you get the idea to tell somebody it erases from your memory

  8. What if what we know as “space” is just forms millions and millions of times smaller than another universes atoms, and were just apart of another galaxy so much more bigger than us, and no one is aware of our presence? Maybe.. it could be the other way around, or it could go on infinitely in both directions, with universes extremely bigger than us, as well as smaller.

  9. Read Quran, you will find your answer. You don’t need to be a Muslim to read it. Read it and you’ll find your answers 😄. Peace.

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