Human Sperm Vs. The Sperm Whale – Aatish Bhatia

37 thoughts to “Human Sperm Vs. The Sperm Whale – Aatish Bhatia”

  1. Please help me understand how would you know about a Sperm being the size of an Atom if we cannot see Atoms but we can see Sperm?

  2. Omg when the guy was in the pool of people and in the cup of red goo and you said his armed moved as slow as the minute hans of a clock, i could psychically feel being strangled and drowned, omg

  3. I remember my good ole sperm days. Back then Clinton was president and Tupac was alive. Damn RIP to all my brothers that didn’t make it cuz they got swallowed😔

  4. Reynolds number tells us about turbulence, not about the size of the molecules. You either consider water as a fluid in both cases and use Reynolds number or just say that sperm whale swims in fluid and sperm in a pool of balls.

  5. Good job google, all those times I looked for something interesting regarding my last name and you gave me fuck all was all bullshit

  6. You know, I’m absolutely certain some people are going to call TED-Ed sexist and misogynistic for talking about a sperm and not an egg. And, for good measure, they’re probably going to throw in racist and xenophobic too.

  7. I’m watching this on July first, 2017 at 12:33 and the dislike count reads 666

  8. I find it disturbing that they animated a sperm swimming in a human stomach at the end

  9. Ok hold up, if that ulcer causing bacteria dissolved the stuff around it, what would it move through?

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