How To Build A Fictional World – Kate Messner

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  1. I got everything in my head from the ideology, the wars and the sociologie of a world, whit character and gods, one days it will be one paper!

  2. For me, what helps the most is to come up with a world is finding a single concept that could affect the world on a fundamental level. Then I build around that idea, how would affect the social structures, economy, and the things living there.

  3. I’m planning to write a story more about it’s world than it’s character, worlds and characters are the easiest for me to make. I’ve noticed a theme when I come up with things that they tend to center on it’s world over it’s characters. But now that I’m purposely trying to do so I’m having a hard time figuring out how to write the story.

  4. I have never completed any story in writing before, but i’ve made it farther than i ever have before on my most recent attempt.
    If anyone else needs help, what i did this time around is that i’m writing the story backwards.

    Im starting with the twist at the end no one will know about until it happens. Then i write what the characters are trying to do up until this twist.. or the basic goal of the whole story.
    Then i wrote down questions of how they got to that part and answered it. Then i asked again how they got to that part and answered it. and so on.

  5. I also do videos about how to write stories. It really is an art form. The main thing is start with the main character. You can’t build a world without creating your main character(s) first.

  6. Alright, I have this fantasy world I have been working on for the better part of about a 1 and will continue to work on it for the years to come. It focus largely on the history and past of the largest continent in between 2 smaller yet much more stable continents. The landmass is named “Landronen” (It’s not very good, I know). It’s past mostly consists of very large empires and Great Houses rising up and conquering most of the landmass. They all so far have fallen due to high unrest with the lowest working classes, but now a highly totalitarian government state run by a council of 4 men named the “Quanhedran”. This empire doesn’t look like falling anytime soon and is very powerful. The people are almost completely brain-washed and it is illegal to leave the country at all. Only people in power have the strength to do anything, yet there are few who are in power beside the council. Even with all of the propaganda, influence, and enforcement, like any ideology, there are those who oppose it greatly in Landronen.

    If I ever do get the chance to write a book, it will be about a philosopher, poet, and warrior who has seen the light and opposes the Quanhedran at any turn. He will be persecuted and hunted down but will also be praised and followed. His work might make a difference or will end quickly and he will be yet a footnote in history forever.

    Thank you.

  7. I just live in my world. I donโ€™t write it down because I donโ€™t have time. Iโ€™m either working at school, doing homework, or living in my mind. I might write a short one some day

  8. Please, what is the name of the job where people invent writings for movies?? I can’t find the video’s I’ve seen before nor the name of the job, I’m gonna get nut.. Thanx!

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