How Playing An Instrument Benefits Your Brain – Anita Collins

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  1. Finally art equals brain busting goodness (I’m an artist and animator, and I definitely agree haha)!

  2. Recently , i picked up a traditional chinese music instrument, bamboo flute which called as DiZi. I am loving it each and everyday i am playing and practicing it. 😌

  3. Listening to music, better still playing an instrument does have benefits to brain functions.
    Came across 1 video recently on the “Mozart Effect”, specifically the therapeutic effects of listening Mozart’s music. Just Mozart, not music Bach, Beethoven, Haydn or any other composer. The research seems to suggest this is the case but inconclusive.
    When it comes to boosting brain activities, listening & playing music are among many other types of activities including exercise, creating art work, playing crossword & number puzzles (including Sodoku). Even playing chess or a card game like bridge can stimulate the brain.

  4. I think I would be able to put _my_ compositions in my videos, cuz I’m learning piano.

    …unfortunately I’m not to the level of my own compositions.

  5. I thought the left and right brain with their corresponding qualities (left is analytical, right is creative) had been proven false? I keep on seeing these fun facts.. that it’s a misconception and that there is no left sphere that’s for analytical things, etc but it’s spread out throughout the brain. Is that actually a misconception because the TED educator refers to it…

  6. I’ve been playing piano for 14 years and it is a very hard instrument to master. Did years of private lessons, piano class in school, competitions, theory classes, even a sleep away piano camp. Songs that I learned 8 years ago I still have in my fingers. My teachers taught me to memorize my music so I don’t even look at music at this point….literally play by ear. If you are unsure about trying to play the piano don’t be. It’s totally worth it. When you get to a point where your enjoying a song your learning you can feel your head fill with butterflies and warm sensations like nothing else.

  7. According to strict Eastern Orthodox Christian values, tradition, and doctrine, all music instruments are inspired by/encouraged from/promoted by satanic demons, in order to distract people from effective altruistic prayers helping souls and divine psalms honouring and thanking God.

    With noise and mess comes stress, quiet prayer is beneficial for the mind, the spirit, the soul, the body.
    Mindfulness studies have also proved these beneficial effects on many diseases.
    Search for yourself in

  8. Playing the clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, and singing has really helped me out so much in so many ways!!! I want this video to be sent to everyone school board trying to cut down on music because it’s wrong and they need to see this!!!

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