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  1. I like your videos so much they are actually worth sharing you’re educating so many people with these types of interesting , good animated videos soooo thankful! Thank you again for…everything!

  2. I tore my meniscus in my right knee, getting surgery….terrified but I’ve heard it’s not that horrible of a surgery…?

  3. One useful addition to this talk would be some of the negative side effects of post-anesthesia recovery. Some patients have adverse effects like nausea, vomiting, aches, itching, chills, and confusion (American Society of Anesthesiologists website). More rarely but less talked about is the condition of ICU psychosis/post-operative delirium, which can result in symptoms ranging from confusion all the way to full-blown hallucinations, which can happen when patients remain in the ICU for an extended time. This isn’t to say that anesthesia and pain-reducing drugs aren’t wonderful and necessary tools for medicine, but to point out that we don’t completely know what goes on in the brain when we muddle it with chemicals, which is why you should have a great anesthesiologist willing to speak with you about your care.

    Cited from 20+ reconstructive surgeries, one diagnosis of ICU psychosis, and a talented, brilliant, and kind anesthesiologist who is the only guy I am proud to say watched me sleep, now retired.

  4. Having had spinal surgery a few months ago I didn’t even count! I was rolled into the OR and got onto the table, later on my back and I was covered with a sheet. I remember the anesthesiologist talking to me while putting on all the monitors and my surgeon walking in and looking down at me and saying hello. Just after the anesthesiologist put the mask on me and told me to breath normally, all the while I was looking at a clock on the wall and trying to see how long I can actually stay awake. The anesthesiologist look down at me once more and said “goodnight!” The next thing I knew I was in recovery about six hours later being asked how much pain I was in!

    It’s strange, you don’t dream or anything! You just zone out and that’s it! I imagine it’s very likely the same at death.

  5. nice video👌🏼💖. 😅 i understand that you were trying to be specific there but lately so many people keep separating the middle east from asia making me feel like we have our own continent which is called middle East. and i wonder why don’t they mention us when they talk about Asia? is you geography different or something? not trying to be rude but I’m just wondering.

  6. Imagine if when your under anesthesia you feel every bit of pain, but when your waking up you forget everything…

  7. Like ur channel you’ ve got a sub!!!! When I had my baby I was in epidural for like 6 hrs or more 😛😛😛😛

  8. Dude when they put the anesthesia inside me it was one of the weirdest things i have ever felt in my body

  9. i wish death was like this I’ve been under before it was relaxing for me and after that i don’t remember anything lol

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