How Do You Decide Where To Go In A Zombie Apocalypse? – David Hunter

32 thoughts to “How Do You Decide Where To Go In A Zombie Apocalypse? – David Hunter”

  1. Excuse me, but if you want to make us watch this video, don’t use clickbait like zombie apocalypse themes. Don’t get me wrong, this portrayed useful information, but it felt like you lied to me when yo7 just started to talk to us about “geography”.

  2. TED what is this video about?! i learnt about push and pull when i was 7! also, people are a PULL factor and if one gets infected in a group then the others are pretty much infected too. so GO AWAY FROM PEOPLE and get berries from wilderness, then go to sea recycle seawater and fish pretty easy when you think about it now, right? (edit you just need a computer with it’s own WIFI and look at my comment and copy what i said)

  3. Use traps and lead as many zombies as possible at one time into them. For example, a gigantic stadium of metal or stone that they cannot get out of once they enter. Like a mouse trap. Have some people shoot them or set them on fire. Stay in high places. Use elevation to your advantage, and even smoke or noise could be helpful because it will lead the zombies right into your trap. Set up lots of these traps in multiple places around the world, and you’ll eventually kill off all the zombies.

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