Can You Solve The Temple Riddle? – Dennis E. Shasha

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  1. Oh I thought the Answer was…

    That you and 3 others come with you to take one exit and the other 5 take another, If none of those exits were the right one, do the same to the other ones, you’ll eventually(under 1 hour) find the right exit

  2. surely an easier method would be to tell the group that makes it to the exit to stay there, so that when you all meet in 40 minutes, the only group who didnt return made it to the exit and you go through the way they left. this surely would work because the possesed students wouldnt turn back from the exit because only what they say is affected, not what they do

  3. Wouldn’t we know about the correct exit if we went with the duo? That is, if we formed 3 trios. We already know the path to the alter. Thus we can check 3 of the 4 paths and then we can identify the correct path. This will work even if we are cursed.

  4. You’re over complicating things. Split the group into pairs of 3, and include yourself in one of them. If there’s one group arguing when u come back, whoever is in the minority is telling the truth. If there’s 2 groups, the ones in the majority are telling the truth. Either way, if no one found the exit, the one path that wasn’t explored is the right one. Compared to the other puzzles on this channel, this one was fairly simple.

  5. “If there is one conflict, both others must be telling the truth.”Nope. This is when you start listening to the duo, since now you know that at least one of the possessed students are not part of he duo. Figure out who is lying in the conflict using the process of elimination.

  6. Here’s an interesting thought: What if they said the king’s spirit only possesses boys and the queen’s spirit only possesses girls? There are, let’s say, 4 girls and 4 boys with you. It’s still the same situation, but when you put it this way, people would start overcomplicating about putting girls with or without boys even though the gender doesn’t actually matter when using the solution in this video.

  7. thank god everyone left their cameras, smartphones, or other useful expedition gear at the camp – that way we’ll be sure there’s no proof of what way is the exit when all the groups return, sure you can figure it out through the arguing, but pictures would be better.

    it’s just too bad the two cursed students happened to be art students, somehow photoshopping a fake exit on the fly.

  8. I have a different solution: The curse only affects the students’ ability to tell the truth, not follow instructions, SO, the professor should tell the students: “If your tunnel successfully leads to the outside, then you must STAY outside, but if your tunnel is a dead end, you must return.”__Then, when the one group that did NOT return must be the group that took the good tunnel, so everyone else just follows that tunnel!

  9. I solved it correctly wow im smart, i did watch this riddle before and got it wrong but i forgot the correct answer but attempt 2 i figured it out!

  10. Before watching the solution: make three groups go diffirent ways, if nine find the exit, all go to left over room, but if someone did, they leave, and other groups go to their tunnel. If they turned out to be late, they are met and all go to the leftover tunnel. Since no communication is involved, the curse is pointless.

  11. If the possessed students sometimes tell the truth then isn’t there no guarantee that a group would come back arguing?

  12. We know that there is one way out, so only need to explore 3 paths instead of 4. If none of the three explored paths is the way out then use the remained path.

  13. I think the answer is wrong. Remember that the cursed students sometimes tells the truth, sometimes not. In the case all groups has no argument, how can you tell which way is the escape?

  14. Thers another way as well. Send a group of 5 and the other as 3. The group of five will always tell the truth. If there are two different answers in the group of five then you got the two liars. If it has one different answer then the other group has one liar and if there is no different answer then the two liars are in the other group. I think this is simpler

  15. What if the red girl takes two guys with herself and lets 3 people go on the first path and the other three people go on the second path,
    When they come back and if there’s only one group arguing, than don’t listen to the majority of that group,
    If both groups are arguing than listen to the majority of both groups,
    If the outcome says that none of the groups found the way out,
    Then you all go on the third path

    This is how I solved it.

  16. Correct me if I’m wrong but if the group of two has one possessed student and one group of three has the other it’s the one in the group of two tells the truth and the other one lies won’t that one be trusted because it says if one of the groups of three is arguing entrust minority

  17. if a trio forgets was there a exit or not and asked a curse student and they agree to him/her and he/she lies saying there was not a exit but there was a exit what could happen?

  18. Solution spoiler(maybe)

    Send groups of three down two corridors, a group of two down another, and yourself down the last. You know that neither you nor the groups of three would lie. Both people in the group of two might be cursed (~3% chance), so follow these rules:
    No one found the exit – go to the path the group of two took, they found it but said they didn’t
    Two groups found the exit – go to the path that the group of two didn’t take, they didn’t find it but said they did
    One group found the exit – go to that path, the cursed group is telling the truth

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