Can You Solve The Prisoner Boxes Riddle? – Yossi Elran

25 thoughts to “Can You Solve The Prisoner Boxes Riddle? – Yossi Elran”

  1. So what happens when one comes out and there box has the instrument gone from it already ie the drummer comes out and goes drums, guitar, mic and finds it now the singer comes out looks in her box but there’s nothing in it, now what

  2. strangely though this riddle doesn’t include whether or not the number of boxes becomes less after a musician successfully finds their instrument.

  3. But if you open the box with your instrument on it and its empty because someone took the instrument out, you have tot choose randomly. Right?

  4. What do you do if you open the box and it’s empty ? – because a previous musician took theirs from it, but your don’t know which musician. Even if you remove boxes after the musicians have taken their instruments, the musicians after the first may not be able to follow this solution.

  5. I was hoping they would ask, “What would you do?” at the end. My answer would have been, have the manager fired ASAP.

  6. I’ll just tell them that they got a wrong manager and they should just change one before it’s too late, they can still have a great show later on.

  7. I thought to just shake the box and choose the one that sounds/weighs as similar as to how you think your instrument would be

  8. As he opens the door, I charge tackle the manager and kill him in any way possible. Problem solved, call it self defense because he kidnapped me.

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