Can You Solve The Passcode Riddle? – Ganesh Pai

24 thoughts to “Can You Solve The Passcode Riddle? – Ganesh Pai”

  1. “Nice” they thought, “the only time math has ever been usefull in life other then to pass the exams” – teenage mutant ninja humans, 2019

  2. I solved it by doing algebra then process of elimination z=-2y-2x+a. Z also can’t be lower than 3 and must be a factor of 36 so z can only be 4 6 9 12 16 and 36. So i got the 2 numbers that multiplied by those equal 36 and only one if them followed my equation -2y-2x+a=z which was 2 2 and 9

  3. they go through 14th hallway by entering 1 49
    or through 11th by entering 236
    or through 10th by entering 334
    or through 13th by entering 229.

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