Can You Solve The Famously Difficult Green-eyed Logic Puzzle? – Alex Gendler

31 thoughts to “Can You Solve The Famously Difficult Green-eyed Logic Puzzle? – Alex Gendler”

  1. This riddle is wrong! Saying what she said doesnt add any knowlege to any of them because they alreaddy know that at least 99% of them have green eyes . And this methode only works for 2 people not more.think aboit it logicaly

  2. Couldn’t you just say everyone around you has green eyes and then they all could deduce that the only way for this to be true for every one is that if every one had green eyes

  3. I would say “all your prisoner mate have green eyes”. Since each prisoner already know others eyes are green,its not a new information.But if a prisoner think that i said it to all the prisoners which means for another prisoner,he as a mate also have green eyes.. In this way each one of them realise that they all have green eyes and become free quickly.. WHY waiting for 100 days??

  4. I would take my chances and get out and scream to everybody else, “YOU ALL HAVE GREEN EYES!!!!”

  5. they were never taught what green was
    you’re not allowed to give them new information
    then saying at least one of them has green eyes is new information
    and when mad dictators are involved WHY ARE YOU INVOLVED

  6. is there paper? make the prisoners write the name of the other person saying that they have green eyes. the dictator ain’t thunk about dat

  7. If the person next to you has greens eyes then you can leave.


    If the person next to you has leaf colored eyes, you can leave

  8. I would just push one of the green eyes person toward the guard. I mean perfect logician would know what my suggestion is

  9. Plot Twist: Write On Paper Saying What Color The Other Persons Eyes Are As They Do The Same, They Can Communicate Without Talking Which Isnt Against The Rules LOL

  10. Bill, Adria and Carl would be explanation if were 3 prisoners on the island. But there are 100 prisoners in this puzzle, so your explanation IS NOT the answer to the riddle.
    Try to explain how someone, who sees 99 other green-eyes prisoners can be 100% sure that he has green-eyes. ???

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