Can You Solve The Bridge Riddle? – Alex Gendler

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  1. Just abandon the janitor and profeser
    Acually the professor should live he calculated the time it took for the zombies thanks for wasting time profesor

  2. I managed to solve this only because I encountered it in a game long ago and looked up the tutorial for it

  3. This is actually pretty simple, just have the prof and you go first and then run back to give the lantern, if the zombies cetch you, then you’ll probably have a good amount of space inbetween you and them, so you cut the bridge WITH the zombies on them

  4. let the janitor and the assistant cross first then u take the lantern and come back and go with professor

  5. Or…:
    You take the slowest on your back, as he’s holding the lantern over your shoulder so that you can see, then you run back and take the second slowest on your back as he does the same thing with the lantern. Then you run back with the lantern in your hand so that you and the second fastest run together. This would take about 6 minutes if you could keep up the tempo with the persons on your back. It would probably still be faster than if you do as the video said.

  6. Question can be improvised. There’s no need to cut the rope as someone can say that time allotted was only 17 min so we can just cut this part.

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