A Glimpse Of Teenage Life In Ancient Rome – Ray Laurence

38 thoughts to “A Glimpse Of Teenage Life In Ancient Rome – Ray Laurence”

  1. Teenage boys married 7 year old girls? The little wives must have lived with her parents until older because most teenage boys LOATH little girls. Teenage boys want attractive teenage girls(or hot MILFs) they can screw ASAP lol.

  2. Isn’t it kinda of messed up to realise Rome had a better standard of living in 73 AD than most of Africa in 2017.

  3. Let me get this straight, Lucious is 17 because he is forced to marry a girl 10 years younger he’d be marrying a 7 year old girl….. right?

  4. Thanks for helping study

  5. i don’t think the average roman was middle eastern or african

    i think they would have been oh i don’t know

    *E U R O P E A N ?*

  6. 7 years old and engaged

    8 years old and married

    9 years old and pregnant

    10 years old and a mother and housewife

  7. Please, learn the correct pronounce of latin. Please, for me was so painful hearing “Augustus” with english accent and pronounce.

  8. They would have killed me as a child. I’d escape, as usual, and encourage them to continue drinking from pots of lead. F you too, world.

  9. Really?… if my dad sends me in a arranged marriage and not trust me with trades (well..we don’t trade so. Let’s just say money) well I can’t be trusted with money but.. shh! I’d srsly snap

  10. Anyone else her feeling like Lucius reminds me of Marcus, his brother reminds me of sextus, and his father reminds me of Cornelius? 😂

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