8 Traits Of Successful People – Richard St. John

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  1. Watching this kind of video makes me feel like Quitting everything and just do it

  2. ok. Im a student. I really like physics and mathematics. And i hv a dream of starting a really succesfull buisness (just like Elon Musk). But there is another thing to it. I m a hardcore gamer. I play games too much and i like playing it more than i like physics and maths. am i passionate in gaming? i know many will say its just an addiction. but trust me i play it very passionatly. Ive got all the 8 things required fr success in gaming field. And i dont think my dreams could be acheive frm it. I cant do anything if i do wat im passionate about.. I devote more of my time playing games than working hard for my dreams.I think if i devote more time following my dreams i can do great things. I really need some counselling in this issue.

  3. It’s like he put in the fake laughter himself and it was way too over the top for his mediocre jokes…so cringy

  4. I don’t agree with all the negative comments. This might not have been the typical TED talk but I found it to be very useful. This speaker is really funny and charming. I learned a lot! Thank you!

  5. do u ever contact unsuccessful people..well i think u must..becoz even they need to tell their part..

  6. Jump to 6:11 if you just want to get the summary of this talk.
    1. Passion. 2. Work. 3. Focus. 4. Push. 5. Ideas. 6. Improve. 7. Serve. 8. Persist.
    Attitude determine your altitude, always seek first to understand, then to be understood.
    We can learn from anyone with an open mind before casting judgement.
    We don’t learn jack by being cynical.

  7. 6:09 if you wanna know the answer and you don’t have enough time to watch the entire video

  8. Not impressed. Those are the things anyone would default to.

    What about discipline, creativity, tenacity, persistence, and a *need* to surpass mediocrity? What about physical fitness, mental acuity, early rising and stubborn fearlessness?

  9. The true secret to success…Luck and opportunity. Unless you can be successful off of gullible people who can’t think for themselves. A.K.A People who “believe” this nonsense.

  10. Wow, love the fake audience scenes and laugh tracks. This bozo tells a story about him bragging that he is a millionaire to a girl who says she’s poor. Who is this hack?

  11. A lot of these things successful people say is things we already know. It’s the same thing told over and over again.
    Our biggest problem is fear, self doubts, lack of passion, impatience, procrastination, forgetting you’re not the only one on earth with misfortunes, selfishness; the need to fit in either with a person you care about, a small group, or a large crowd. If you cannot fix those problems yourself then there’s nothing to be done. Success depends on you, what do and who you associate with. It’s easier to blame others for our problems…..easier than 1+1=2.

  12. It is quite shocking to see so many negative comments. I think the video is great! I don’t care about the editing of the video… Fake laugh track etc… What is most important is the underlying message and how it makes you feel – the backstory adds scope and context that many people can be successful.

    At the end of all this, it is really up to you as an individual, how you react to the 8 traits presented. Richard St. John has done extensive research over a long period of time over his career and this is what he came up with. It may seem like a generic list to you, but what credentials have you got to have a greater counter to his research?

    Do not doubt yourself in what you can achieve. Do not pay attention to the people who haven’t achieved anything and want to drag you down because of their own self doubts. The successful people are the few that broke free from the noise.

    Do understand that we are individuals and you can achieve success if you really believe you can. Apply the 8 traits to your life.

    Give a pen to a physicist and he will attempt to solve the mysteries of the universe, give a pen to an artist and he will attempt to draw an inspiring masterpiece. Give a pen to you… what will you do?

    Start with an idea…

  13. LOVE what you do
    WORK really hard
    FOCUS on one thing not everything
    Keep PUSHing yourself
    Come up with good IDEAS
    Keep IMPROVING yourself
    SERVE others success isn’t about me me me
    PERSIST because there is no overnight success

  14. 1) Be a sociopath.
    2) Be a greedy pig.
    3) Be a psychopath.
    4) Be an asshole.
    5) Be a pathological liar.
    6) Be a dick.
    7) Be racist.
    8) Be sexist.

    There. You can now send your money to my PayPal account. Thank you.

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