26 thoughts to “3 Tips To Boost Your Confidence – TED-Ed”

  1. According to this video, I should have a lot of confidence. In reality, I’m just succesful at what I do.

  2. You’d never believe what our founder was doing before Real Estate, all because he had the confidence and self belief. Great Video.

  3. 2 best tips
    1. Don’t care what others think
    2. Put yourself in the other person’s perspective, it may help

  4. My rule is to act it out. Pretend your not there and just act. If you make a mistake, it is not you but the character you play.

  5. Thark you, great tips!
    Summary of the video:

    1.There are several factors that impact confidence
    – What your’re boen with, such as genes
    – How you are treated, pressure of your environment
    – The choices you make

    2. TIP 1. A quick fix
    Picture a succes when you are beginnig a difficult task

    3. TIP 2. Believe in your ability to improve
    Use growth mindset insted of fixed mindset

    4. TIP 3. Practice failure
    Fail regularly and continue anyway

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