Q&A W/ K&K | Life Regrets, Kids, & Healthy Eating?

10 thoughts to “Q&A W/ K&K | Life Regrets, Kids, & Healthy Eating?”

  1. I love you guys, I can’t stop watching your videos , your both such a big inspiration and I’m currently 2 months post relaxer and excited about my hair journey 🙂

  2. The Drake vs trey song question was followed by the “biggest fear=not being successful.” And coincidentally, Drake and Trey made the song “Successful” together about that exact same sentiment. Works out perfectly. Lol.

  3. I haven’t seen u guys do the high top bun. I think it would look super cute. Maybe yall can do a tutorial on that

  4. There is another youtuber who talks about traveling for blogs and posting these travels on Youtube. She gets paid for that so you should look into doing something like that to travel. That lady has fewer subscribers than you but she has traveled a lot, so maybe you can get the same hook ups. Plus she does almost the same lifestyle videos like you girls so I am sure you can work on that.

  5. My hair isn’t nearly as long as yours and people will ask me if it’s real. I think it’s so rude to ask someone that. And then how they don’t believe you when you say it’s yours…annoying. I literally had someone stick their hands in my hair and check me for tracks. Just crazy.

  6. I laughed so hard when Kendra said “skittles”. She had to think about it like yea I can’t forget them skittles! Love y’all!

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