Q & A: Moving | Kids | Healthy Nails | Going Cruelty Free | Eating Vegan

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  1. So glad you don’t want kids. All the channels I’ve been watching are popping babies and I have zero interest in diaper bags organization πŸ™‚ But hey, more power to all the mothers out there. Cos if it was for me, the human race would die out.

  2. the monsoon season in az is not really what it sounds like… it’s a few rainfalls… hardly anything…every once in a while it seems like a lot of rain, but it’s nothing like the typhoons in the Pacific … I have lived in Guam for a few years and in the Sonoran desert for over 20 years… haboobs are minimal occurrences… sometimes we do get heavy rainfalls at various times of the year and trees and branches fall down or flooding occurs… one time we had a so much flooding in some rural areas they canceled school in my area because people could not travel.. that was a rare occurence… overall those kinds of extreme weather conditions do not interfere too much… the summer heat is the biggest problem… it’s damn really hot and I have been wanting to move to Sedona where it’s not so hot… maybe in a few years… can’t wait for you to move here though

  3. I’ve always had nice strong nails, but if they do break they break down on the sides, I feel like I’m filing them wrong. As I get older I’m also experiencing more ridges. So I too would love an up close nail video!

  4. School is important, however your life has been very enriching, you have learned so much firsthand! My life has had many similarities of yours! Its truly a blessing to watch/listen to your videos!

  5. Great video! I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I know what you mean about high cost of living! The good thing is that we don’t experience a lot of sticker shock when we travel. Wow, Maui to AZ, that’s quite the climate change.

  6. I would love it if you did a meet and greet when you move to AZ! I live in Chandler and I love your videos. ☺️

  7. I love your videos girl! I just recently discovered your channel! Excited for you to move to AZ! I live here in Queen Creek!

  8. Have you visited all or the Hawaiian islands is would you like living on any of them if you were wanting to stay in Hawaii.
    Also can you do a more cons things to plan for video on moving living in Hawaii.
    And have you experienced termites there and heard other hawaiin youtuber believe legit nutrition something mention just cuz the weather there her clothes in closet got molded.

  9. Just found out you’re moving to Arizona!! I am in Phoenix! I think you’re going to notice a huge change in the dry weather, but it’s nice πŸ™‚

  10. Oro valley in Tucson is nice! But you should also consider..phoenix, Peoria/Glendale , & Scottsdale .. I love it here and there’s more to do here than Tucson! Oh and I love the gem show too I go every year!!!! Love your videos πŸ™‚

  11. Go to Singapore ,u might like it . Like your stories and simple life I know depression can be horrible I know cause this is my sixth yr suffering tit trying the reason I am still here are for my parents.

  12. I watched this already but enjoyed seeing it again. I LOOOOVE when you refer to things like Kahului airport – reminds me of one of the most heavenly vacations ever! I want to sell coconuts and pineapples on the side of the road by Ukumahame or Ho’Okipa and just live in a van. πŸ˜‰ BUT, i do get wanting to move inland. it’s SO expensive in Maui. I kept checking everything out while i was there and it’d be working so much to support staying there that it’d mess with enjoying being there! And I also get wanting to feel like you have whatever you want at your fingertips. Re.children – I wish EVERYBODY would seriously do a mental/emotional inventory before having children! I think so many people have kids because it’s the thing to do after getting married. I so love that you live what you believe. It’s the #1 thing I admire in anyone I do admire, and I admire you, Christine. E V E R Y B O D Y can talk the talk, but not many walk even their own walk. You’re seriously the boss!! And I’m your fan!

  13. PS. You crack me up! I love your eccentricities- Pearl Jam & Aerosmith? Hahahaha! You seem so zen & chill that I’d not have guessed your music choices, except maybe the Beatles. Have you see the t-shirt (that my sons are dying for!) that shows, in cartoon, 4 beagles walking across the street like the cover of the Beatles album and at the top it says, “The Beagles.” I don’t know if you’re a dog person (or a cat person, or a mostly a dinosaur-chicken person. heehee) but we are SOOOO dog people who love cats and I’m very committed to #Thebeaglefreedomproject so that tee seems extra-fun to me! geez Loueez, In all my comments tonight, I’ve talked your ears off! Sorry!

  14. Someone save me from my child-obsessed family, lol. I’m glad to see there are so many here who are happy without kids. I’m 28, have zero maternal instincts for humans OR animals, don’t enjoy spending time with kids, don’t have or want any pets. My family is very traditional and is appalled that I’m nearing 30 and still haven’t reproduced. The fact is, I’m just not willing to raise and take care of another living, sentient being (which is why I own and grow dozens of houseplants instead).

  15. I just have to say. You inspired me and my 17 year old daughter (who is a make-up junkie) to go cruelty free. And It wasn’t hard at all. I now make all my own beauty products. Facial oils, lotions soaps etc. Now we are considering going vegan/vegetation. I’m a little nervous in not knowing how to prepare foods. Love your vids on food prep. Any suggestions on books? easy meals? i get home so late from work. Also, do you prep food a day or two before? does that work with vegan food?

  16. I admire you for your honesty and for not giving in to the pressure from the ‘you are supposed to have children, you will change your mind’ crowd.

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