How To Trick Your Family Into Eating Healthy

35 thoughts to “How To Trick Your Family Into Eating Healthy”

  1. I was watching these Howcast videos and I see this and it had the lowest views. LOL quite sad actually

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  3. Fact: If you sneak veggies and stuff in kid’s cakes and muffins and stuff they won’t know the real thing and think its crap.

  4. Yea because i did not notice a ton of salad and a pizza made of 95% of veggies as my dinner -_-

  5. >step 2
    >Place food into rainbows or goofy characters that they will eat without thinking about what they are doing.
    >Because your first instinct when you see something colorful is to eat it without thinking twice.
    I lol’d

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  8. Faggot Dad: Hey kids! Wanna Green bean eating contest?!
    Kids: …
    (Kids Walks away)
    Queer Dad: 🙁

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  11. If you have to TRICK your family into eating healthy, doesn’t that tell you something?

  12. People dont eat healthy food because they dont want to. They dont it eat because unhealthy food tastes better 😛

  13. Why does everyone assume that all kids don’t like vegetables? There are kids who like vegetables!!! Gosh

  14. Put less cheese….. BUT….Cheese is good for you!! It has calcium!!! It helps you get stronger bones!!

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