How To Trick Kids Into Eating Veggies – Nutrition By Natalie

21 thoughts to “How To Trick Kids Into Eating Veggies – Nutrition By Natalie”

  1. yes, but this strategy is better than tricking kids into eating vegetables; that way they actually enjoy doing it and will hopefully do it for the rest of their lives.

  2. my son cannot eat vegetables containing vitamin k because hes on the blood thinner “coumadin” can you suggest veg that does not contain vitamin k? many thanks.

  3. @roadolive simply hates vegetables that’s why you eat them all!!! how can someone who loved vegetables wants them to be digested and turn into shit…

  4. @roadolive yes..haha most of the peoples including myself hates nice food..esp when its done by those 5 star hotels..dam..i hate them so much i will turn them into my shit… =X

  5. If you live in a meat family, you’re going to hate veggies growing up. The adults certainly do. Seriously.

  6. As a family, we are trying to introduce more whole foods into our diet. We also blend our greens with fruits to make green smoothies because we know that we need the greens and we do not want to eat them. I don;t try to trick them, just make them pleasing like a fruit smoothie with some squash added or sweet potato waffles… Just incorporate the veggies into recipes.

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  10. Hi, what about toddlers?..I need make my two year child eat veggies but I do not know how start

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