Healthy Eating Tips For Kids From A Kid

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  1. I really enjoyed this soo much very informative…makes me think more on study a product more than just grabbing what will be easier on my time shedule….I dont eat fast foods..or fried foods but I am guilty of making mac and cheese and hot dogs …stuff like that cause the kids were hungry and they wanted food now…so I thank you for this video .. very smart young girl ….

  2. americans won’t pay attention to their weight unless they’re aware of what they’re eating. this was an excellent video. You could do one on the physical body too.

  3. Come check out my video about pretty much the same thing! I promise I watched this video only AFTER I uploaded my video. He has alot of the same content and facts. Yours is more about food and mine only has a small section about food. Mine also has a dancing section so kids can dance along. PLEASE check mine out!

  4. What am amazing young Lady, pity more people don’t follow her lead.
    I am envious Paleo Recipes Australia | Paleo Diet Plan

  5. Isabelle, you are a great spokesperson for eating right!  I would like to use your video in my project for students K-2 this fall.  I would love to have you post a photo or message to the students of Morris Elementary in Bondurant Iowa hoping that they follow your advice!  Gail Hackett

  6. Hi.  I love your presentation!.  My name is Jay (nickname for JUanita) Wojcik and I am in charge of Healthy Lombard is a 501c3 Foundation established to address the problem of Childhood Obesity and to promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone.  One way we do that is through a local cable show that uses short videos in its format called Health Local.  I would like to include your video under our Generation H segment (H stands for Healthy).  Would that be OK with you?  You can check us out at http://www.healthylombard,com and we are also on Facebook and Twitter.    Thanks!

  7. This video was great! I create healthy comfort food on my new YouTube channel. I’d like it if you would check out some of my recipes and share any tips you may have for growing my community…Thanks! 🙂

  8. I only eat hot dogs about 2 times a year, sometimes even 0 times a year, btw, thank you for this video, it was very helpful, I lost 2 kg after a week!

  9. actually potatoes aren’t that good for you so you shouldn’t really eat a potato or potato chips, there nutritional and everything but they are kinda the I dunno, “fattening” vegetable? out of all the vegetables the potatoes are the least healthy I guess..

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