4 Tips To Get Kids Eating Healthy! (Help Your Children Eat Well) FEAT. JB – BenjiManTV

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  1. You are such a awesome Youtuber. I have been following you for a long time now. You have super cute kids & i love all ur vids, tips etc. Keep up the good work. Love all the way from New Zealand!

  2. such a great parent!! getting ready for the same rutine =) and im so happy and axcited to see this kind of positives vΓ­deos !! full of good News for all of us =) cant wait to have our baby =D

  3. hey benji i luved ur parenting tips. m an indian lives in dubai, my sarah 7yr picky eater. m glad shes not much fond of bakery stuffs..i try gv her diff color fruits n veggies n eat along n its true dey eat wat we eat..
    a little tip for u if it works on ur kiddos..we speak english n she learned hindi coz of “Doraemon” japanese cartoon..may be u can try too if u get japanese version.

  4. Hey man!! Fair play to ya,, my 2 1/2 year old son has a crap diet, I’m gonna have to try and change something because he’s so hyper on all the sugars,, it’s gonna be hell to try and change but I gotta give it a go

  5. I wish my parents did this with me
    I had a cavity when I was 1,my dad all fed me junk food and candy
    Now he regrets it

  6. watching this makes open the refrigerator,luckily i had an apple. this tips seriously is for ME! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. Please add this to your healthy living children’s book reading list — Superhero Healthy Henry Discovers Planet Earth, by Angela B. Lamb.
    In this book, you will introduce your child to a healthy living role model and superhero!
    Superhero Healthy Henry, in a fun and clear way, shows his unhealthy Earth friend Dan why it is important to eat nutritious food and exercise. As a result, Dan becomes much healthier and helps others do the same. It promotes the importance of eating “real food” that comes from nature and avoiding excessive amounts of junk food, fast food and
    processed food. Includes fun, kid friendly jokes as a bonus. Healthy habits begin early. This book encourages children to be on the right path to life long health.

  8. Benji, your daughter so cute I love this video. i am sending this on my FB page so every one can see πŸ™‚

  9. Benji, can you make a video on how you make the pressed tea or coffee? What products do you use?

  10. Yes!! Growing food is the best way to get them to eat healthy… our son Axel loved harvesting from our garden!

  11. Sorry fruit isn’t “that” healthy. If its not organic; it’s not healthy and if it’s not non-GMO then its not healthy. Healthy to me is organic, raw, non-gmo and grown basically in your own garden with veggies only and a little bit of fruit. I liked what kizzy MCD said exactly.

  12. This was a great video and I used this video as well as other, more recent green juice videos with the twins in my school project about childhood nutrition education. I got an A, so thank you Travis family!

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