Video Games Aren’t Actually Bad For Kids

28 thoughts to “Video Games Aren’t Actually Bad For Kids”

  1. I showed this to my mum then other good computers and etc. minutes after she said: my lovely son, I have to go. I said ok. lol

  2. I would love if you guys could do a video about the websites that rate game Mature only for the blood that those type of games have.

  3. so fricking true i hate you if you think video games are bad or you dont play them or you think they cause bad things they dont

  4. games doesn’t makes us violent…lags does….every gamer on this planet know this…only journalists though otherwise

  5. The only time I get angry is when someone in battlefield throws fucking smoke grenades and gas grenades everywhere and there is a sandstorm and a stupid hacker snipes you while outside the map

  6. Don’t forgot about typical 12 year old retards playing and telling you to 1v1 them. I think video games might make *SOME* more retarded than ever, but those who respect each other, keep playing.

  7. Showed my mom this and she said I shouldn’t listen to dirtbags who do not know how kids work

  8. Honestly As a person with ADHD my ability to focus has improved because whenever I get immersed into a video game the world melts away and I’m focused on that one thing and I feel like my attention span I higher than it was before

  9. I don’t like my parents because they break my game CDs if I play more than 30 minutes.

  10. I showed this video to my dad and it turns out the only reason he prohibits me from playing GTA V is because he believes that thus playing such games reduce sympathy in one’s social life. I just want to know if this is true

  11. Main reasons why video games are bad. They inspire negative effects on our brain, such as aggression, and it negatively effects us physically. I will admit, I still game (Mostly Clash Royale, because I am a Clan Leader, ruling a one year old clan). Video games effect us humans physically because it cuts down the amount of physical activity in our lifetime. Now, hear me out, I’m not fat. I work out 1-2 hours a day to burn calories and whatnot, and I enjoy it. But something that is very difficult to reverse, is our vision. Eyesight is the most useful sense we have, and the radiation the “video” produces slowly deteriorates our vision. This could also mean we live for a shorter period time. And yes, I do sun-gazing and eye exercise to maintain and hopefully increase my vision (its very bad, 5.25 right eye and 4.75 left eye). About school activity, yes I am a straight A student and I always have been. But gaming kills your interaction skills. Based on personal experiences, I speak well to people in my game. And since I get so used to and accustomed to that, it makes it more difficult to speak to people outside your interests. I have cut down from 4-6 hours of game a day to 2 hours, which can still be as harmful. Stay in school, read books, and add to your knowledge.

  12. Idk know why but I hate call of duty I mean I’m a big gamer I play a lot of blizzard entertainment games I just hate cod

  13. Dad: get off your video games

    Me: I’m on Netflix

    Dad: Netflix or video games same thing

    Dad: now come down to watch a movie

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