39 thoughts to “How Video Games Change Your Brain”

  1. I’m 14 and I have been playing “violent” games since I was 2.
    I have a great sense of mapping the world mentally.
    I have a great memory of real life experiences (that I actually care about)
    I hate puzzle games, but I’m great at solving problems.
    My friends call me a “really smart”(whether it’s true or not I’m not sure)
    Having a mental map comes second nature to me.
    I think it’s because of the Destiny 2 maps and whole open world maps like Just cause 3 that I have memorized with out even really trying.
    I’m a great gamer at practically every type of game…..and I’m not an idiot!
    Games CAN’T make your kids stupid.
    If your kid is stupid he will also be bad a video games!
    Games take brains and constant thinking and planing and mapping!
    Ultimately games help me to be smarter. Raging idiots are idiots because they choose to be. It’s not because of games.

  2. Faker,a famous LoL player,has a good reaction time and reflex just because of the games he plays so it basically depends on what game you play to cause positively to your brain

  3. I hate video games it just seems kinda pointless. I like to do freerunning or tricking instead because it is just a lot more fun to learn how to do flips.

    I’m not saying you should though because I have been injured a lot of times and it is very dangerous, I’m just saying find a sport that fits you.

  4. video games are good,for the brain, the brain and the brain. plus it’s a hobby like one can play soccer. I’m still a gamer

  5. Games are meant for having fun and killing time,but if we play non-stop there is a problem.Games are not just games like i have described above,games become our new illusion of fake life.We feel empty so we start up the Pc and we are Paralyzed games getting dangerous for all humans,we are brainwashed…we need to take control of our lifes or we will live like slaves.

  6. Hello everyone, i hope you reading this beacuse i think everyone should stop playing if you play all day or in night about 2-12 hours do you think that it’s good? it’s very bad please stop playing uninstall all games live a life go outside find a girl be a normal human, study, do you’r hobbies, stop watching porn! Also after you stop playing it will be waaayyy easier to find a girl go ahead and try!!! But also first week/month will be hard so dont think about games read a book or something! Thats all i can say bye.

  7. I don’t know, but I’ve played them for 20 years and while I can say that I see almost no negative effects, I feel I could have grown more if I had played instruments, sports, or read more in that time I used.

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