HOW IS THIS A KIDS GAME?! – Time Warp Of Dr. Brain

24 thoughts to “HOW IS THIS A KIDS GAME?! – Time Warp Of Dr. Brain”

  1. My favorite game was the Aristocats game and I also had another about something similar to this. It read out my name and everything, and also was about aliens and outer space and brain stuff

  2. I was just here having a panic attack every time she went on genius level ☚ī¸đŸ˜˛ But it was fun watching her play this ♡ it made me remember the kind of computer games I used to play back in the 00s

  3. Am I the only one that played those Publix games, don’t mind my rambling, but I remember this really weird game with a rat and bubbles….I have no idea, also I remember this octopus thing and when you did something you would get a coin. edit: OMG it was called preschool pals

  4. Well, this wasn’t when I was too little, but marble blast ultra for the xbox 360 was great, its on PC now so I might have to play it again

  5. I can’t belive someone else also remembers this. I remember never being able to figure out how to play most of the games, only really enjoying the beaver dam one, and also being scared of the dark areas of the lungfish game.

  6. I love that your played this!!! My day was also really serious about educational games in the 90’s. This was my childhood!!!! Thank you for this <3

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