Braingames HBO Best Of Braingames FULL EPISODE

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  1. The claim at 16:49 is incorrect as Edison’s Kinetophone which allowed you to have a record play in conjunction with film was invented in 1896 and a sound picture using this method was shown at the Paris Exposition in *1900*.

  2. Not to sound like the “actually” guy, but the likelihood of an astroid hitting you from inside its belt is highly unlikely – as they are actually hundreds of thousands of miles away.

  3. I saw this episode when it original aired as a kid

    25 years later the digit-maniacs are still pissing me off (. _. )

  4. Dude, you made my day..!
    Its a time machine. Suddenly I’m 4years old watching a working television on top of a giant broken wooden television with my Dad. Mesmerized.

  5. I remember HBO doing these braingame segments between movies. I believe they aired these up through the early 90’s.

  6. I’ve seen all the Braingames on Deanmo23’s YouTube videos except the last one and Deanm023 didnt’ uploade the episode with that game in it. It’s probably rare.

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