16 thoughts to “Brain Games Challenge: YOU WILL FAIL!”

  1. You can also have three lines going vertical in each row and the fourth line going horizontal in any row.

  2. () () ()
    () () ()
    () () () Answer is this first there bottom
    () ()
    () ()
    () () One next two bottom

    () ()
    () ()
    Two next two sides

    () And finnal two middle

    Bop nomore

  3. Yo, I’m not playing some game for her safety. You know what’s going on, you can’t leverage that shit on me. My friends safety isn’t multiple fucking choice

  4. My friends safety isn’t a tucking riddle, I’m holding you responsible for the fuckery that will ensue post her exit/disappearance…..you watch the news?

  5. The instructions did not say that the lines had to be joined or intersecting – so that makes it too easy to solve this in many ways.

  6. I know the website he got the song from but i can’t find which one it is does anyone know the name of the song?

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